Top 5 Best Bronzers in India 2020

Top 5 Best Bronzers In India 2020

Top 5 Best Bronzers in India 2020

There are times where makeup isn’t enough to pull out the face’s charm because it often needs contouring as well. In this case, bronzers are the answer to that question because they give definition to the face by putting up a slight sun-kissed glow.

In buying only one of a kind cosmetic product, you will be able to turn your pale looking face into a beautifully work of art. The positive thing about these bronzers is they are very lightweight, that is why you can carry them everywhere you go as you need them.

You should put them inside your shoulder bag, makeup kits, and containers of some small type. Indian women are hesitant to try bronzers because it could end up looking like a mess, but here we’ve listed best Bronzers for Indian Skin so it suits you the best.

You can find all the information you need in this article such as the reasons why you should buy a bronzerstyles of bronzerswhat you would look for in a bronzerBest Bronzers in India.

Top 5 Best Bronzers in India 2020



Best Price

1.Sugar Cosmetics Contour De Force Mini Bronzer


2.The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder


3.Sivanna Bronzer


4 .e.l.f. Cosmetics Bronzer Palette


5.Swiss Beauty Bronze


Why Do You Need To Buy A Bronzer?

For much better appearance

Through getting a well-contoured face you offer yourself a lot of beauty benefits by contouring and highlighting.

Overall protection

If it comes to safety putting a bronzer is always a smart thing because it can provide you all the protection that you need. Some of the benefits that it will offer you are sun safety, pollution protection, and weather protection.

Much improved skin health

Nowadays, several bronzers are loaded with vitamins and minerals on the content of their bronzers. That’s why be confident you have got better facial skin.

Absorption of oil

Bronzers are known to accumulate a large amount of oil on your face, and will keep you fresh.

Types of Bronzer

Cream bronzer

Fit for people who like to have a subtle glow and especially made for the ones with dry skin.

Powder bronzer

The most popular type of bronzer that is suitable for all types of skins, particularly to the oily-skinned individuals. Normally, it’s usually applied with a brush for it to blend it perfectly. This type is most commonly known as Bronzer for Contouring.

Liquid bronzer

Probably it is the same as a cream, but it is even lighter than it. It can easily blend with foundation. Good to discover your actual shade.

Shimmer bronzers

They are designed to add a luminous glow to the face, and are not used for contouring. It is normally put on the cheekbones and temples.

Matte bronzer

Typically that is done for finishing, and applies to add up a lot of definitions to your face of all types and generally used for contouring. Perfect for the face, jaw line, forehead, and cheekbones parts.

What Must You Look For When Buying A Bronzer?


Be sure the brand is credible enough to provide all your needs and will meet your expectations.


Test the price if it’s suitable enough for your budget and you wouldn’t cut down the budget that’s supposed to be for your bills, foods, and other needs.

Expiration date

Since you will place it primarily on your face, it is really important to know that it is really safe for consumption.

Safe ingredients

Know if the bronzer that you are buying does not contain any harmful chemicals because you don’t want to burn or hurt your skin.

Size and weight

It is crucial that the bronzers that you are going to buy are compact so you can carry it anywhere you go without having a hard time.


Know that your shade is suitable enough for your skin tone so that you won’t look awkward until you wear it. Choosing the right shade can confuse you.

Having a bronzer with lots of shades is recommendable best to use for a lady. Casing

Making a crucial for the bronzer to have a nice and strong casing so that it will be elegant.


Test the bronzer if the built-in mirror is plan enough so that you can see your face easily once you put the bronzer.

Top 5 Best Bronzers in India 2020

1. Sugar Cosmetics Contour De Force Mini Bronzer

Sugar Cosmetics Contour De Force Mini Bronzer

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Sugar cosmetics have proved to contain one of the most successive bronzers in the market. This Contour De Force Mini Bronzer – 02 Woody Wonder is truly one of a kind. You will absolutely be awed! It feels really silky and offers your face an elegant look.

The matte finish will doesn’t make you not look too shiny, giving you a new looks at all times. It glides smoothly on the face, which will save you a lot of time from applying the bronzer. Come on and let’s discuss about its pros and cons to check this is the right bronzer for you.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Improves your skin tone to enhance the overall look of your face.
  • Since it is made by SUGAR, you would assume that it is made of gentle materials.
  • Once you apply it on your face, you would not feel any weight because it is super lightweight.
  • All of the blurs and blemishes on your face will disappear.
  • Affordable.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Less quantity. And it is not really last long.

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2. The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder

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The elegance of the packaging combined with the edge of this The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder. You can bring it easily anywhere you go.

This is made up of materials which are gentle and effective on the skin to provide you the confidence.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Strong casing which protects it from inside and outside.
  • It is super lightweight.
  • The materials are really safe to use; and non-allergic.
  • It is perfect for all skin types.

CONS (What we didn’t liked)

  • Pretty expensive.

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3. Sivanna Bronzer

Sivanna Bronzer

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This can be really beneficial because it adds up a wow factor to your appearance. It has a top of the line feel that will certainly get you what you need in bronzers. This would surely give you an edge over other women because of your amazing appearance. You can apply it quickly because it is super responsive and blends easily.

PROS (What we liked)

  • It helps in absorbing the oil from the skin.
  • The casing is super sturdy.
  • It comes in three different shades that will surely fit your needs.
  • Affordable.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • It’s very light and maybe it’s not suitable for light skin tone people.

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4. e.l.f. Cosmetics Bronzer Palette

e.l.f. Cosmetics Bronzer Palette

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This e.l.f. Cosmetics Bronzer Palette, you will surely have a memorable experience. You will notice the difference for sure. It is made of high quality and safe ingredients.

This is probably the best gift that you can have for yourself.  It is easy to apply and to wash off easily.

PROS (What we liked)

  • It only weighs 56 ounces; this makes it easy to carry.
  • There are 4 shades in the market.
  • The mirror of this bronzer is really wide and clear, which makes it easier for you to apply it every time you need to.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The price is pretty expensive compared to other brands.

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5. Swiss Beauty Bronze

Swiss Beauty Bronze

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Swiss Beauty Bronze Highlighting Blush Palette is there to rescue you. It is easy to integrate and at the same time it’s very effective.

In terms of its casing it’s stylish, which makes it a truly elegant bronzer to use inside and out. Take a peek of its pros and cons below.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The high-quality materials and ingredients used.
  • Its texture is not rough and heavy.
  • The ingredients are superbly safe for the skin.
  • Pocket-friendly.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • It has a limited size.

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Well, it was a great experience in figuring out the best bronzers for you but before we moved away. We would like to give you a recommendation of our top picks from the list provided above.

So here’s our top pick, e.l.f. Cosmetics Bronzer Palette and then The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder. Enhance your appearance with these bronzers by putting it on your wish list of cosmetics.

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